Evolution is our Wednesday night service geared toward helping middle school students seek God’s will in a time of emotional, physical, and spiritual transition. Evolution combines elements of children’s ministry (games and shorter teaching segments) with elements of our student ministries (music, activities, and service projects). All these elements combine to assist your child in his quest to develop an intimate relationship with God and become the student God intends him to be. Evolution meets every Wednesday night during the school year at 6:30 in the Evolution room.


Evo's mission is to cultivate real life change in students through encountering Jesus and internalizing their faith. Our hope is that students will also develop a deeper relationship with Jesus, a sense of community, and form lasting relationships with our leaders and other students.

What to Expect

Evolution is a safe, welcoming place where students can relax and explore their faith. At East Somerset, we believe that community is a catalyst for spiritual growth. In addition, at this age a safe and trusting group of friends who are friendly and encouraging is extremely helpful for students navigating what can often be intense & tumultuous years.  Therefore, In Evo we will encourage each student's need for community through worship, family groups, teaching, and outreach.

Worship --> Students will experience contemporary music centered on Jesus, geared for them each week.

Family Groups --> Family Groups are groups of 4-8 students lead by an Evo leader. More than just a reiteration of the weekly lesson, Family Groups focus on discipleship and relationship-building between students and leaders while also growing closer to Jesus. Family groups meet each Wednesday during the service. We hope that students will take pride and ownership in each of their Family Groups and will be eager to invite their friends to join.

Teaching --> Each series is designed to prepare students to handle real-world situations for middle schoolers while also clearly presenting the Gospel. The lessons are influenced by the Flyte curriculum but are fitted specifically for our Evo students.

Outreach --> We don't want our influence to end at the doors of the church! At the end of each series Evo will facilitate a "LOUD Wednesday" where students will be presented with unique opportunities to engage our surrounding community.